Head in the Clouds and Vegan Cocoa Recipe

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One of the Modern Witch Apothecary's best sellers is the Head in the Clouds Organic Loose Leaf Sleepy Tea.

This is a pure herbal blend of 3 organic plants which aid relaxation and sleep and anxiety and is the perfect clean night cap (read more on the science behind the herbs and to buy your own eco pack here)

What I like to do for a change from drinking the tea on its own is to make

Head In the Clouds Sleepy Vegan Cocoa 

  • Take a mug or a cup of cold plant milk and an enamel or non aluminium pan (herbs don't like aluminium, enamel is the best choice if possible) per person.
  • Leave a little cold plant milk in each cup, add 1 or 2 tsps of organic cocoa powder and gently stir in the powder till smooth.
  • Add a Tbsp of Head in the Clouds Sleepy Tea per person to the milk in the pan and gently heat on the hob on a low simmer for 10 minutes, covering the pan. Check it's not boiling over/keep an eye on it.
  • When simmered and piping hot grab a tea strainer and pour the infused plant milk into each cup stirring the cocoa mixture in each cup till thoroughly mixed through.
And there you have it, a gorgeous sleep encouraging healthy cocoa. I personally try not to add sugar to any dishes, but go ahead and add sweetner if you want. Coconut sugar is very nice and we have a plastic free organic refill packs available in Cornucopia Eco here).


Head in the Clouds is made from 3 organic plants, Valerian Root, Passion Flower and Wild Lettuce (which are also available separately as loose herbs if you prefer), and has been beneficial to many, here are some reviews; 



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