Collection: The Modern Witch Apothecary

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  • Charcoal Discs for Incense Ritual Relaxation Yoga Sessions
  • Bergamot Essential Oil
  • Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil
  • Empty Essential Oil Bottle Glass in Blue
  • Violet Glass Containers
  • Stainless Steel Heart Shaped Loose Leaf Tea Infuser
  • Witch Hazel and Rose Toner
  • Powdered Rose Organic Face Mask
  • Organic Magnesium Bath Salts Eco Pouch
  • Organic Kaolin Clay
  • Clarify and Glow Rose and Kaolin Clay Organic Face Mask
  • Organic Calendula Balm
  • Empty Aluminium Jars Cosmetic tins in 10ml or 60ml
  • Professional Bamboo Chashaku Matcha Tea Scoop/Herb Scoop
  • Sample Packs x 3
  • Wild Lettuce