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Violet Glass Containers

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As beautiful as daylight, sunlight is, it's not so great for molecular decay. You can protect your herbs, oils, pills, on the go snacks like nuts and seeds or make your own DIY cosmetics and keep them protected and fresh for longer by using violet glass.

People who are sensitive to energy can often detect with their eyes closed whether a jar is this violet glass or some other type of glass. They say they feel the higher frequency of violet glass.

In colour therapy, violet is the colour of the crown chakra, and connotes wisdom, honour and hope. Austrian mystic Jakob Lorber, as well as other mystics - among them the American healer Edgar Casey – have noted the special properties of the colour violet. Further, according to Eastern traditions, the colour violet represents the harmony of the universe as it is a combination of red and blue (Yin and Yang). Yang is solar energy- outgoing and free, while Yin is incoming- stored energy and matter. Yin and Yang in opposition create a vortex of energy flow. The colour violet – being Yin and Yang - creates a similar vortex of energy, providing a balance of matter and free energy, order and chaos. With this brand of high qualiry violet glass used for most of The Modern Witch Apothecary products, a product’s taste, colour, scent, as well as biophotonic energy are preserved better and are often enhanced when compared to other packaging materials.

The appreciation of the special protective qualities of violet glass can be traced back to ancient Egyptian culture. In those times, valuable essences (oils) and natural healing products were kept either in gold or in violet glass vessels. In 1851, Jakob Lorber (Graz, 1800-1864, teacher, musician and mystic) described a method for creating sun healing remedies; sunlight photons absorbed into homeopathic globules. These delicate products had to be created -as well as stored- in dark violet glass dishes. According to Lorber, products stored in violet glass would be solar-enriched, and their energy preserved.

The violet glass products presently stocked (with plastic tops, a product to be used, kept and not single use)

  • 10ml screw top pot 
  • 30ml screw top flat jar
  • 50ml screw top flat jar
  • 100ml bottle with a screw top pipette