The Modern Witch Apothecary 

For all your organic beauty, well being, positive ritual needs.

Natural, luxe quality and ethically and ecologically sourced herbs, facial oils, incenses, organic bath salts, micro plastic free loose leaf tea blends, preservative powder clay masks and more. But most importantly available packaged in compostable refill packs, tins or re-usuable violet glass pots and bottles, an eco apothecary for all modern herbal and nature loving people.

Focusing on the natural benefits, vitamins, phyto chemicals which work synergistically with our bodies without chemicals or additives when we drink beneficial herbal teas or blends, use naturally vitamin laden and beneficial oils, balms and butters or clear our air and spaces with all natural incenses. I love the science to back up the sensual or the mythic benefits of all natural unguents and botanicals, not simply the anecdotal or whimsical; and then to bring them into daily use to benefit us all.

I hope you will love them all as much as I do.


Cornucopia Eco Store

The sister store to TMWA, began late 2020 as a bricks and mortar store based in Grow Tottenham, North London. Encouraging more organic, ethically produced and most importantly plastic free goods, foods. Sick of unwrapping pasta or rice or oats from endless plastic packs or using non recyclable or harsh detergents with their wasteful plastic bottles, Cornucopia Eco began. Whilst the lockdown proved too much for a brand new bricks and mortar store, I'm happy to say you can shop here online instead. Refill eco compostable pouches or eco home ware/tools all delivered by post or in E10 or N17 postcodes of London by collection/delivery by bike.

The Cornucopia Eco Store has now relocated to 

Cornucopia Eco

The Ridley Road Social Club

1st Floor

89 Ridley Road 



Artwork by Stefania Giunchi

red light with a lday in gold with a gold incenser

Burning Frankincense, Photo by Eleni Parousi