rose and kaolin clay face mask in eco pouch on red velvet with seashells and flowers
rose and kaolin clay face mask in eco pouch on red velvet with seashells and flower
eco packs, compostable packaging
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, rose and kaolin clay face mask in eco pouch on red velvet with seashells and flowers
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, rose and kaolin clay face mask in eco pouch on red velvet with seashells and flower
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, eco packs, compostable packaging

Clarify and Glow Rose and Kaolin Clay Organic Face Mask

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Kaolin clay (aka Kaolinite clay, China clay, and White clay), is one of the purest and gentlest clays available. Although the clay suits all skin types it’s primarily used for sensitive skin.

What is Kaolin Clay?
As the name of kaolin clay suggests, its primary component is a mineral called kaolinite. Kaolinite is a layered silicate clay mineral formed due to chemical weathering of an aluminum silicate mineral like feldspar. You will find Kaolin clay in various part of the planet. However, its name has been derived from Mount Kaolin (or Kao-ling) of China, a site where the mineral is found most abundantly.

The clay is mostly white in colour; however, depending on the percentage of other minerals constituting it, Kaolin can also be greenish or pinkish. Here, it must be noted that according to experts, the whiter would be the Kaolin clay the more beneficial it would be for our skin, hair, teeth, etc. Kaolin clay available in other colours is mostly used for sculpting, porcelain making, adding gloss on paper, and so on. Pink clay is often used for super sensitive skin

Kaolin that’s absolutely white in colour comes with an amazing mineral composition (it comes with a high concentration of silicon dioxide) and has a perfectly neutral pH. These factors make the clay ideal for skin care. Today, it is used widely for preparing soaps, deodorants, facial powders, poultices, scrubs, and facial masks.

Kaolin Clay Absorbs Oil
Kaolin clay reduces oiliness of our skin: As mentioned above, Kaolin clay is extremely gentle and thus would never irritate your skin. Its light and fine texture makes it highly absorbent. Applying a mix prepared by adding some warm water to the clay would soak up all the stale sebum and excess oil on your skin. The mix would also extract dirt and oil from your skin pores. Unlike most other clays used for reducing skin oiliness, Kaolin would not leave your skin excessively dry. Once treated with Kaolin clay, your skin would become soft and supple and will have a healthy glow.

Kaolin Clay has Detoxing Properties
The clay would purify your skin pores and detoxify your skin: The detoxifying ability of silicon dioxide would allow Kaolin to suck out all the impurities (these include dirt, grime, germs, and various pollutants) from your skin pores. Use a cleaning mask prepared using Kaolin clay at least twice every week. Regular cleansing of your pores would not allow them to get clogged up. This, in turn, would prevent bacterial growth and thereby protect your skin against breakouts.

Organic Powedered Rose Petals

It cleans grime, dirt and pollutants deposited in your skin very gently without drying it out and gives you a clear complexion.

Women have used rose petal powder in India for ages to for everything from natural hair growth to lightening dark spots and blemishes. Since it was discovered that plant has plenty of vitamin C, that stimulates collagen production - making your skin cells stronger, women from all over the world have been buying organic rose powder, for making home remedies

The good thing about using rose petal powder is that it acts a natural astringent and keeps your skin soft at the same time. If you want to tighten pores and have smooth skin, try replacing your regular toner with rose petal powder paste or the Modern Witch Apothecary's Witch Hazel and Rose Toner.

Directions; Mix with water, rose water, the toner above, or a herbal infusion such as calendula/green tea/oat milk or even a facial oil such as avocado oil (organic calendula and organic avocado oil are available in store) if you have dry skin. Mix about a tsp of each into a paste, adjusting to suit your preferences and apply to freshly washed skin for 10-15 mins before thoroughly washing off.
Tone and moisturise.

Ingredients; Organic Kaolin Clay and Powdered Rose Petals.

Preservative and cruelty free and naturally vegan.
Photo and Set by Catherine Chambers 
Presently available in 50g or 100g compostable eco pouches, with gift jars on the way soon

Set and Photography By Catherine Chambers