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Loose Camomile Flowers

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Pure organic camomile flowers in a refill packs with a compostable bio pouch - everything is as ethical and ecologically sourced as possible at The Modern Witch Apothecary πŸŒΏπŸŒ±πŸ„

This product is also available for gifts and real apothecary pleasure bottled in beautiful violet glass apothecary bottles, which looks black but is actually deepest deepest violet and blocks out all light except the ultra violet. This protects your herbs, ointments and preparations from bacteria and light damage and helps keep the products as natural as possible.
A calming and uplifting tea made with camomile, lavender and rose. A lovely tasting and beneficial tea, naturally caffeine free.

Directions: either fill a tea pot with freshly boiled water and a teaspoon or so of herb per cup and steep for a good 5 minutes
Place a teaspoon or so of the tea for each cup in an enamel pan (metal pans can interfere with the herbs!) and boil up for about 3 minutes.
As always ! Strain the tea when pouring yourself a lovely cup.

Ingredients: (organic) camomile.

According to USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, chamomile tea contains many vitamins and minerals that include potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamin A. Other nutrients include folate, iron, and zinc. According to research published in the The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, chamomile tea can be an overall sleep aid, particularly for people who struggle with sleep apnea and restless sleep. Drinking a warm cup of non-caffeinated chamomile tea can help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed. It is recommended for women going through the postpartum period as a supplement for better sleep
If you are suffering from stomach irritation, ranging anywhere from mild bloating to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms, chamomile tea can be a major help, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease the twisting nature of your gut and allow for the passage of gas and smoother bowel movements. It also cures stomach ulcer pains and spasms.

Chamomile tea helps to flush out water, liquids, and other wastes from the body, meaning it acts as a diuretic. This property not only aids in weight loss but also improves overall digestion and fights off bloating. Research has shown that chamomile tea can be useful for people suffering from diabetes. By helping lower blood sugar levels and regulating the amount of insulin in the blood, the powerful organic chemicals in it help to eliminate massive drops and spikes in blood sugar.

The phenolic compounds present in chamomile tea helps to strengthen your immune system and ward off infections. The other compounds present in chamomile tea also fights cold, flu, and sinus, ultimately, relieving congestion.
After a long day at work, the warm, soothing nature of this beverage can help increase the levels of serotonin and melatonin in your body. These hormones can successfully eliminate stress and worry.

According to a U.S. Journal, it also provides instant relief from migraines and headaches. while also slowing down your mind and eliminating the classic symptoms of anxiety. 1-2 cups of chamomile tea per day can do a significant help against chronic stress. Research suggests that chamomile tea can also treat the symptoms of depression in postpartum women.

Chamomile extract helps to stimulate the activity of osteoblasts, the cells which build bones. Thus, the tea can help increase bone density, ultimately helping you stay away from the condition of osteoporosis.