organic loose rose petals on red velvert and seashells
roses on a black back ground
eco packs of herbs and incenses
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Organic Loose Rose Petals

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Pure organic rose petals in a refill packs with a compostable bio pouch - everything is as ethical and ecologically sourced as possible at The Modern Witch Apothecary.

This product is also available for gifts and real apothecary pleasure bottled in beautiful violet glass apothecary bottles, which looks black but is actually deepest deepest violet and blocks out all light except the ultra violet. This protects your herbs, ointments and preparations from bacteria and light damage and helps keep the products as natural as possible.

Add to the bath, to recipes, as tea, to scent your room.

Ingredients: organic rose petals

Rose Petals:
The naturally uplifting quality of rose tea makes it an excellent choice for those who are feeling down, depressed, or overly stressed. The effect that this type of tea can have on hormone levels is well known, which is closely related to how the neurotransmitters in our brain are regulated. The natural sedative property of rose tea makes it a wonderful beverage to finish a night, allowing it to reduce inflammation, ease stress, and regulate hormones related to Circadian rhythm and sleep patterns.
Commonly prescribed or recommended for soothing the respiratory tracts, lungs, and throat, rose tea is an excellent choice if you are struggling with a cold, flu, bronchitis, or other condition that affects the respiratory system. It also helps to expel mucus and phlegm, which is where bacteria and other pathogens can live and thrive.
The active ingredients in rose tea can help to improve liver function and increase urination. As a natural diuretic, it can relieve fluid retention, in case you are holding water, while also speeding the release of toxins from the body. The antibacterial properties of this tea quickly go to work on any infections in the gastrointestinal tract or gut. It can help to rebalance the microflora in the intestines and relieve digestive issues like constipation, cramping, bloating or diarrhea. That being said, rose tea can act as a laxative, consume in moderation and monitor how your body reacts when you first begin drinking this beverage, starting with 3 cups per day and increasing as desired from there.

Add to baths, to coffee even or your black tea blend as well as herbal blends.

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