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Would you like to try some of the beautiful organic products before you buy?
Pick 3 of the dry products and I'll send them to you to try.

All samples come in eco friendly compostable bags, with 1 or 2 teaspoons of product inside so you can test, sniff and taste the product before buying any full packs, or if you'd like to add a little more to a gift package/care package all for just £1 plus some p&p.

Presently this is available for the following products (for information on each product please refer to the listing in the shop for the details);

∞ Organic Camomile
∞ Organic Valerian
∞ Organic Rose Petals
∞ Organic Lavender Flowers
∞ Organic Calendula Flowers (marigold)
∞ Red Raspberry Leaf herb
∞ Organic Mugwort
∞ Wild Lettuce
∞ Organic Passionflower
∞ Organic Yerba Mate'
∞ Oatstraw
∞ Head in the Clouds Loose Leaf Tea
∞ Heart's Ease Loose Leaf Tea
∞ Mellow Energy Loose Leaf Tea
∞ Organic Kaolin Clay or the other face masks
∞ Pure Frankincense Resin
∞ 1 Charcoal Disc (for burning incenses)
∞ Organic Magnesium Bath Salts
∞ Organic Frankincense and Rose Magnesium Bath Salts
∞ Organic Bee Pollen
∞ Xylitol (non gmo)

or try some of the balms in a aluminium tin. It wpuld be a small sample in a reusable 10ml (not actually 10 ml of product).
The following can be added for a little extra;

∞ Organic Shea Butter
∞ Organic Lip Balm
∞ Organic Super Natural Lip Balm
∞ Organic Calendula Face and Dry Skin Balm

Just state which 3 you would like when you make your order.